django 自定义user表时无法更新


author = models.ForeignKey(User)

`SystemCheckError: System check identified some issues:

ERRORS: (fields.E301) Field defines a relation with the model 'auth.User', which has been swapped out. HINT: Update the relation to point at 'settings.AUTH_USER_MODEL'.`

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  • 如果自定义了 User 模型,需要这样引用:

    from django.conf import settings
    author = models.ForeignKey(settings.AUTH_USER_MODEL)

    如果已经生成了数据库,需要先删除全部 migrations 文件和数据库后重新 makemigrations 和 migrate

  • 如果使用的是不是系统自带的User,需要在settings中添加

    AUTH_USER_MODEL = 'myapp.User'
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